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Mission & Values

Upholding Our Core Values

At Nicholas Wealth management we felt it was important to share with our clients and others the important values we uphold and honor as a company.

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The Shield

A shield is an important tool to help defend and protect. We understand the weight and responsibility we are tasked with to help steward our clients wealth.

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The Lion

Strong and confident, the lion is a symbol of the strength and courage our Nicholas Wealth team has to lead you through the unknowns of the market and economic uncertainties. Our experience and industry leadership will help guide your most important decisions.

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The Tree

Your legacy matters. A society grows great when wise men and women plant trees in whose shade they may never sit. How we manage our finances can impact our family for generations to come. What type of legacy will you leave your loved ones? We work hard to help you create a lasting legacy that is a blessing and not a burden.

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The Flag

Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of liberty. They believed in the principles of private property, a free market, and sound money. As Americans we should articulate those principles and vow to defend them so that we may always live in a nation with the freedom to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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The Wheat

The ability for wheat to grow abundantly in fertile soil has made it an important food throughout history. Wheat symbolizes growth, sustenance and provision and points to a future harvest. Our goal is to help you grow your wealth so that in the future your investments will provide you with an income when you need it most.

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The Cross 

Our faith is the foundation of everything we do. We trust God to give us wisdom and guidance to navigate markets and the economy. We view ourselves as stewards of the resources you have entrusted us to manage. We strive to help grow your wealth, not only to provide for you, but to be a blessing to others.