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Investment Planning

Navigate your investments with confidence, thanks to strategic advice that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Personalized Investment Strategies for You

At Nicholas Wealth Management, we understand that effective investment planning is a cornerstone of financial security. Our approach starts with understanding your unique financial situation and goals. 

From there, we craft an investment strategy tailored to your needs, focusing on optimizing your portfolio, controlling volatility, and aiming for a balanced approach to growth and risk management.

Risk Tolerance Assessment

We work closely with you to align your investment strategy with your risk tolerance, striking a balance between growth and stability.

Portfolio Optimization

We make the most of your portfolio by lowering fees wherever possible and looking for ways to improve performance.

Volatility Control

We use smart strategies to mitigate market volatility, aiming for a smoother ride, while still keeping your targets in mind.

Goal-Oriented Investing

We select those investments that are most likely to support your long-term goals, from wealth accumulation to asset protection.

Institutional Money Management

We work closely with some of the largest institutional money managers and custodians while aiming to maximize efficiencies and lower costs.

Continuous Portfolio Review

We regularly review and adjust your strategy to keep pace with your evolving goals and the economic environment.

Keys to Investment Planning

I've had an excellent experience with Nicholas Wealth Management. They are proactive, professional and trustworthy. They came highly recommended to me and I would happily refer them to my own friends and family.
Sophie C.


As a Fiduciary, we do not charge commissions on buying or selling stocks. We are paid a management fee based on the total assets under management.

Our Nicholas Wealth fee analysis will help you uncover fund fees, annuity fees and other hidden fees your current financial advisor may be charging you. We may be able to potentially reduce or eliminate the excessive and hidden fees you may not realize you're paying.

We recommend a retirement rebalance for those who are approaching and in retirement. This rebalance strategy helps ensure you do not have too much of your retirement portfolio at risk and subject to major market losses. We will stress test your portfolio to determine if having a higher allocation to lower volatility investments is appropriate.

Yes. Many investors focus solely on their "rate of return" and pay very little attention to the standard deviation or "volatility" of their portfolio. A lower returning portfolio with a lower volatility can outperform a higher returning portfolio with higher volatility due to the fact that withdrawals during retirement significantly impact the total portfolio value. In retirement, investors who need income should have a larger allocation to lower volatility investments.

Yes. Our investment committee meets each quarter and selects stocks for our Nicholas Large Cap and Nicholas Dividend Growth equity SMA strategies. Each quarter the best ideas are brought forward and rebalances are made based on sector over/under weighting.

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Your Future, Strategically Planned

Discover how a thoughtfully designed investment strategy can help you navigate market complexities and improve financial stability and growth.