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The Federal Reserve’s Unprecedented Moves

June 10, 2020 |

What they are. How they help. Provided by David Nicholas. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every state in America is under some sort of stay-at-home order. This unprecedented time has also led many businesses, large and small, to downsize or close up shop entirely. In response to the drastic impact that COVID-19 has…

Key Provisions of the CARES Act

April 8, 2020 |

Distributions can be waived in 2020 for Inherited Accounts, 401(k)s, and IRAs. Key Provisions of the CARES Act Recently, the $2 trillion “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security” (“CARES”) Act was signed into law. The CARES Act is designed to help those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, while also providing key provisions that may…

Losses hurt you more

January 14, 2020 |

One of the most important retirement concepts to understand is that loss of principal overshadows gains. Protecting a portion of your retirement assets against losses may be the single most important step you can take toward financial security. The less time you have to make up for losses, the more important it becomes to protect…

Impact of The SECURE Act

July 26, 2019 |

With all the political turmoil and intensity going on in Washington D.C, you may be surprised to find that there is a bipartisan retirement reform bill underway. The bill passed the House overwhelmingly and is on the way to the senate and it is expected to receive support from both sides of the aisle and…

The Case for Active Management

July 26, 2019 |

In the last two decades, investors have debated for the merits of both passive and active portfolio management. Both styles of asset management have their benefits and drawbacks; however, recently more and more investors have turned to a passive management style due to fee concerns and risk concerns as well. In order to examine the…

Bonds vs REIT

June 11, 2019 |

Traditionally most investors like to split their portfolio into stocks and bonds and balance based on their risk preference. Bonds are less volatile than equities so investors tend to buy more bonds when they are not confident the market will do well. The inverse also applies, when investors believe the market will do well they…

How Will the Trade War Affect my Retirement?

May 31, 2019 |

Three weeks ago it seemed like the world’s two largest economies were getting closer to achieving a deal to end the trade war. However, an increase in tariffs on 200B US dollars in Chinese goods created new tensions in the negotiations. In order to unpack how this will affect your portfolio, the market, and the…

Why you should consider Dividends as a source of retirement income

May 22, 2019 |

As a shareholder, there are two main ways that your investment brings a return. The first, and most widely recognized, occurs when the firm you have invested in grows and its share price increases to reflect that growth. The second way to get a return comes through dividends! Dividends are paid out on a per…

Why a Guaranteed Insurance Contract Should Be Part of Your Portfolio

June 20, 2017 |

Investing isn’t easy in these uncertain times. The market crash of 2008 wiped out years of savings and unfortunately no one knows when the next market downturn will hit. A guaranteed insurance contract (GIC) can protect your life savings against these losses. What Are Guaranteed Insurance Contracts? They give you a way to grow your…

The Top 4 Annuities Myths That Get People in Trouble

June 13, 2017 |

The only way you can decide whether annuities are right for you is by looking at the facts. Unfortunately, there are plenty of annuities myths floating around that can get in the way of making an informed decision. To help straighten everything out, we’re looking at the most common myths and why they are wrong.…


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